Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here's Something I'd Like to Try: Plastic Bottle Flowers

What an amazing twist on recycling!  These beautiful flowers are made from plastic bottles.  If you look closely, you can start to see the bottoms of all of the bottles stacked up.  Different sized bottles are used, and then cut into different petal designs. I imagine some heat is applied to get the petals to curl a bit.  The underside of the petals are painted in layers, so that the facing side is all glossy and stunning.

I looked around, and found  these beautiful flowers on Etsy:  They are made in the same way, only the plastic water bottles are left clear, and some swarovski crystal is added to the center of this broach.  They are just incredible.  You can find this and other amazing water bottle creations in Zebra 1684's shop.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Cool! I saw these for the first time this week when I was reading another blog. She had made a curtain of them for a store window.

the treat girl said...

Any chance we can figure out how to do it??? Or maybe someone will link up to Junipers blog and show us how!