Friday, July 9, 2010

The Perfect Gift for Kids of Most Ages

We have been away recently, and with the whirl of end of school, and spending some time away with family, this blog has taken a back seat.  I assure you that all of this travel has done nothing but inspire me.  My arsenal is full of ideas. 

Let's start with something that my kids (ages 6-11) had fun with the entire trip:  These Klutz facepaints. 

These paints are by far the nicest paints I have ever come across.  They glide on smoothly, they mix beautifully, and they are completely washable.  The boys enjoyed these as much as the girls.  They wanted rockets blasting up their arms, snakes slithering around their ankles. 

The girls loved the butterflies, and the "cats".  The book literally shows step by step how to create each of these designs. It's incredibly easy, and the results made the kids giggle with delight!   

The only thing I'd add to the set is a bit of glitter.  If you sprinkle it on while the paint is still wet, It would make the butterflies sparkle.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Very cute! Face painting is so expensive when you go to a fair or something - why not do it before you leave?

the treat girl said...

OMG!!!! How awesome!!!! Those girls at the booth in Kennywood should stop by your place for a few tips :)