Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do I Smell a Skunk?

I 'm adding to my long list of beauty disasters.

My list includes the near cancellation of Thanksgiving festivities because I had my eyebrows waxed er, I mean torn off or burned off 2 days before Thanksgiving. I looked like Ronald McDonald. I went to Thanksgiving anyway, because I was too embarrassed to say why I wouldn't come. I gooped the whole eyebrow area with Neosporin, makeup, and newly cut bangs. Then, I just never looked in the mirror. Pretty good strategy, right? We are all pressed for time these days, and my hair just started to look like it needed a little "re-freshing". When I realized that I just might have enough time yesterday between pre-school drop off and pick-up to get my hair done, I drove right to the no appointment necessary place.

Well, here's that latest: Let's just say that the word "natural" means nothing to the girl with purple hair at Supercuts!


Jennifer Juniper said...

You always think it's worse than it is, I'm reserving my opinion until I see it in person. I'll never forget the pix message of your eyebrows, though!

the treat girl said...

Oh, believe you me!!! I've had my share as well....countless haircuts while on the road when I was a flight attendent....trying to get stuff done without the kids.....I always kept thinking, "it will grow fast"!!!