Friday, March 27, 2009

Go Clean Your Room...Ok, THAT'S Not Working...

As every good Mom knows, it's all about the presentation, the particular spin that you put on things to get it done.

My kids are off on spring break this week, and I have to tell you that as a result, my house is a complete disaster. I now have 6 people, full time, to pick-up/clean-up after. Jennifer Juniper nails my feelings exactly on her blog.

So I was trying to figure out how to get the kids to clean their rooms. The idea struck: Go Mine Your Room! " What?", you say? I gave them 2 laundry baskets and a trash bag. The trash bag was, well, for trash. The green laundry basket was for Goodwill. The white laundry basket was for Ebay items to sell (and I let them keep all money from their sales!) Their rooms were dumped in no time! It took some time to sort and list items, but as a result, I have dropped 3 huge bags at Goodwill, and I have 70 things listed on Ebay right now! The kids did all of the listing, so don't judge me on any spelling errors or flowery descriptions this week!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I have to get on there and check it out!

the treat girl said...

Look at that pile o'treasures!!!! I was gonna say.......70 things on ebay???!! You must have been at it for days!!! But them listing it all is a novel idea, it probably kept them busy for while!! I'm sure you slipped a little bit of fun in there too :)