Monday, March 23, 2009

A Trip to Baltimore Full of Kid Chaos... As Always

I can only imagine what people think. Then again, maybe I can't. I'd LOVE to know what they're thinking.

I drove with a friend to Baltimore last week. It was a total spur of the moment type of thing. The deciding at 7pm, and ready to go at 8am, 11 hours later kind of thing. Surprise the kids, fit in some fun, maybe work in some history.

We have 7 kids among us. Most are under 10. I consider us especially lucky in so many unpredictable ways. I think that most people simply brand us as "crazy" and that we must have a very loose grip on "normal". Chaos buzzes around us like flies on roadkill.

The trip was a total blast for the kids...non-stop party, endless sleep-over, pillow-fight mania.

For the Mom's it was just shy of exhausting. Weaving, bobbing, keeping track of, "I'm Hungry"s and "I have to go to the bathroom"s, let's all stay together, can you just hold my hand? . Sure, there was the cup of tea in the afternoon, and let's not forget the much anticipated glass of wine in the evening. But, as all of us Mom's know, if the kids are happy, then so are we (without question, exhausted or not).

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Agreed! Call me crazy, but I thought it sounded like fun!