Monday, March 30, 2009

Imagine My Surprise...

We were all at Home Depot 2 months ago for something that I'm sure we desperately needed. The check out aisle was loaded as usual with gum, candy, miniature flashlights, batteries and all sorts of things to lure the unsuspecting customer into buying "just one more thing".

Well, along with the usual suspects, the brilliant workers at the Home Depot rolled this cart of succulents out near my check out aisle. The kids just begged to get one each. I initially said no, (don't we all). Then, I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have some green in the house, and" holy what the" they are begging for plants? I must be really mean.

They have been brightening my kitchen windowsill for months now. When I notice them, I can't imagine why I fought the idea.

This cactus (?) shot out this balloonish blossom that I watched develop for weeks. I didn't even know that they flowered.
I kept waiting for it to pop. And it did! To my surprise, this huge hairy, pinky burgundy flower burst forth. So interesting.
So I lean in for a sniff...I can't even describe to you the offensive odor that I got a nose full of. I had to do some research, and found that this particular plant is usually pollinated by flies, so it smells of rotten flesh (I thought this only happened on TV). Still, it's interesting and very unusual, just don't get too close!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Ha! I will have to keep that in mind. Honey, it's not the garbage that stinks, it's the flowers!

the treat girl said...

I need some green too after my terarrirum bit the dust and I've been filling it with junk food on Wednesdays!!! :)