Monday, March 23, 2009

There are Two Things I Like Here

On a recent trip, I took these two pictures of doors I liked. More about the trip later, but here's what I like about these doors: This one is just plain funny, you open a rusty, metal door in an old building to a cement block wall!
This one is just plain beautiful. It was slim and delicate, it was at the entry to an alley. A place of secrets and privacy.

Doors are portals, an entrance to a new place. The beautiful ones especially make me immediately optimistic about what happens when one passes through them. The grungy ones are just as intriguing to me because I know there is an interesting story there.


the treat girl said...

I loooove doors too!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

That door that opened to the wall was hilarious! I would have taken my 365 pic in front of the other one for sure.