Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Absolute Hands Down BEST Thing about being a Mom:

I have just figured out the answer to this great and mysterious question. Sure there are the sticky sweet answers we are supposed to give, like "loving my family", but I'm not talking about those. I'm talking about the real world skill set that provides strength and stability. The kind of thing that can only be gained through rigorous on the job training, with no breaks---ever. The wisdom and true "knowing" that is invaluable.

I found twelve dollars worth of cheese on the floor in the garage the other day. My daughter wrote on her little brother with a fudge sickle. I can have a huge goop of lollipop in my hair and proceed normally. There can be all manner of mishmash in my car. Seriously, anything could be in there. I am routinely barraged with questions asked in all seriousness: "Is Bigfoot a boy or a girl?", "Can a Napkin see to Sweden?"

When my husband asks, it usually requires too much effort to explain the seriously zig zagged train of thought that got us to where we are. He usually loses interest thirty seconds into the story, and by a minute, he's sorry he asked. So, why is there a Popsicle stick in the shower? There just IS, that's all.
So proceed with calm knowing. We are gaining the invaluable skill of being unfazed.


jess said...

that is the best thing i have learned FROM you!....how i want to be as a mom one day.... you're patience and ability to go with the flow is the best i have ever seen.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I hear ya sister! It's a crazy life, but someone has to live it :) Hey, did you know a 6 year old can get water UP his nose while in the shower that can produce a fit of crying for 15 minutes? I thought you might.

the treat girl said...

Oh Miss.......thank you for putting it so nicely into words for me.....

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