Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Weekend's Recycling Project.

The funny thing is, is that is never considered recycling on the farm. It's just using what you have. In this case, we had an old door that was used as the basement entry for 20 years. The dogs scratched it up pretty badly (probably during storms) and I think there was a problem with the latch. It was just too good to throw away.What they needed was a new chicken hutch. This is where the chickens lay their eggs. The hutch is a series of small boxes (10 in this case) with round openings. The hens like to feel secure and somewhat hidden in their nesting spots.
Kids need to learn how to hammer, and measure and use a very safe saw under very supervised conditions. (Remember, this is Mom talking.) Opa's (Grandpap's) thoughts were that the chickens weren't going to complain if the measurements were off by an inch. Hence, the perfect construction project for kids. So, using wood scraps (including old barn siding, and wall joists from an old mobile home) and various pieces of found material, a hutch was built.

In the end, the chickens got a new hutch. The egg counts are coming in: the first day, there were 3 eggs in the lower row of nests, and one in the upper row.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Well, you KNOW I love it! Wouldn't it be cool to have that set up in a room with a special thing in each hen spot to showcase???

marzipanmom said...

It looks quite cozy! Love the recycling!

the treat girl said...

I.LOVE.IT!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!