Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Cleaning Day Game

My usual, somewhat fun, Ebay Treasure Hunt /Cleaning Day game was replaced yesterday with a much more frustrating NEW game: it's the "Can I Throw This Away Yet?" Game, which is closely related to the "Where Can I Put This, Besides The Kitchen Counter" Game. Here are some of my findings, and what I did with them: Easter stuff: Easter was two weeks ago, I'm tired of looking at the baskets. The attic is calling for them. Have the kids go through with a large zip lock bag with their name on it. Put the remaining candy in the pantry. The chalk and bubbles go to the garage. Toothbrushes to the bathroom. General sort.
Lima beans in a glass...fermenting, obviously. I think sprouting was the goal. Little decision time was wasted...garbage disposal, done.

Little chicks that grow when you put them in water. Four, one for each kid. (So, this is why I have no drinking glasses). They were in the kids Easter Baskets. Very Cute..the kids love to watch them grow. NOW WHAT? I consolidated into one large vase. If they are still there next week, they are trash bound.

A balloon with a monster face drawn expertly by the god-like science teacher. I'm sure my son felt like the "chosen one" when he was selected to take it home. It's been bounced around here for a week, always underfoot. I popped it and put it in the trash (shhh!).

A really sweet piano made from cardboard. Made by my daughter for a report that she did on Beethoven. Moved to her room. I figured we'll look at that for a while longer.
I'm hoping to return to my usual fun next week!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I got out a big garbage bag today...I didn't even ask. I just snuck into each bedroom on a search and destroy mission! (maniacle laughter)