Monday, September 15, 2008

All or Nothing

Have you ever noticed how you can have weeks on end in the summer with no real plans, and all of a sudden, you get 2 invitations to seprate events on the same day at the same time? This happens especially with kids birthday parties. Nothing for a long dry stretch, and then a flurry of invites all for the same day and time.
I was picking peaches over the weekend in my parent's orchard. I was admiring the loaded trees, and I was thinking "It's All or Nothing". We wait for the blossoms in the spring, cringe when it frosts late, and hope that the trees didn't get it too bad. Then we watch the fruits develop, and hope the bugs don't get them. We tried the peaches last week, they looked good, but they were too hard. This week they were falling from the branches. Ripe and ready, in huge abundance.
So, the frantic race is on to "do something" with them. We canned 32 quarts. (Which hardly dented the supply.) My car was full of them and Dad was hinting (strongly) that he'd like a pie.

When I'm racing around my life trying to be/do all things, I think: "it's All or Nothing". I'm so wildly busy right now. I know someday I will search for things to do. I will try to drink in the "All" that I am in the midst of right now. I will try to capture special moments, like canning 32 quarts of peaches with my Mom.


the treat girl said...

Wow!!!!!!!!...they are gorgeous!!!!!....wish I could do that!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oooh, tell your dad I'll make him a pie if you bring me some peaches! I love peach pie with ice cream!