Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pumpkin Shirts for the Whole Family

I saw these shirts in Family Fun Magazine. Somehow I thought this would be a fun family craft for family day at our house. I looked around last week for some white T-shirts...the boys all have undershirts with small stains, so they worked well. I ended up finding a few for the girls at Old Navy.
First we tye-dyed the shirts...some made giant circles that would later become pumpkins, some made a bunch of smaller circles, some made just one small circle in the lower corner of the shirt.

I cut up potatoes and made stamps. We came up with a few fun combos and then used black fabric paint to stamp them on. We also used some green for leaves and stems. It was a ton of fun. The kids really liked it! Very easy on the craftyness. I would definitely recommend you try it!

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the treat girl said...

You crazy girl!!!!!!!!!!....I give anyone who tie-dies lots of credit!!!...they turned out soooo cute! certainly need a family photo!