Thursday, September 4, 2008

So This Will Get Easier? Right?

Overwhelmed. This is the nagging feeling in the back of my mind. The kids have all started school (yesterday), and today I'm wondering when buckets of free time are going to happen.

The truth is, I just made a copy of my "Family Calendar" (which always hangs in the kitchen so that all can refer to it) and jammed it into my purse. I've got 4 kids going in 4 different directions. Some with more than enough going on, and some with some big gaps in their schedules. If I'd ever like to see the little one do anything other than play Star Wars, I'd better find some library storytime or a sports class at the Y. Oh, and there is that promise that I made to myself about getting back to exercising.

I'm in a constant state of panic, thinking that I forgot something (lunches?) or someONE! I put myself to bed at night going over the next day's schedule. So, I'm day to day. I'm not sure I like that...I always thought of myself as the organized, month-at-a-glace type.

So, I'm sure that by next week, all of the pieces will start to fall into place and my schedule will just start to hum! RIGHT???

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the treat girl said...

hhhmmmmmm.......I'm hoping so for your sake and mine!!!....but the indication of these first few days isn't looking good.......I, too, have that nagging feeling I'm forgetting things....luckily they pop into my brain before it's too late...but can I continue to be so lucky!!!.....