Sunday, September 21, 2008

Store Bought....You Can't Eat That.....

There are a few things that you just can't buy at a store...Jelly is one of them. Truly, Smuckers tag line of : "If it's Smuckers, It's got to be good", is a classic example of reverse psychology.

When we go on vacation, Someone has to bring the jelly. And, I make it seem like we use jelly on everything, but the truth is, it's mostly peanut butter and jelly's.

You just can't eat what you buy at the store. I just don't know what they do to it to make it so bad. Homemade jelly is so full of flavor. My family makes all kinds of jelly: grape (shown here), peach, strawberry, crabapple, and whatever else there is an abundance of. I think you can make jelly out of anything. I remember a very dust jar of tomato jelly at my Mom's when I was a kid.


the treat girl said...

Exactly why I make Pam's Jam every year!!! :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Let's make some jelly at Hidden Valley! The Amish Friendship Bread is still brewing!