Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh Yeah...Pretzels!

There's something about pretzels. Not the hard plastic bag at the grocery store kind, I mean soft pretzels. Ever since I was little I have loved them.

There's such disappointment when the perfectly browned pretzel is too dry, too bready, or too salty. There will be none of that here: I have found the best pretzels, and they are in the South Side of Pittsburgh at The Pretzel Shop. The bakery is family run, and they sell little more than pretzels. They have pizza pretzels, cheese and pepper pretzels, pretzel sandwiches, but mostly pretzels, large, medium and in stick form. They sell them by the brown bag. When I make the trip, I get a dozen and freeze some.

They are perfectly moist and flavorful. You'll have to try some.


marzipanmom said...

Yum! When I worked in Philly, we would get the greatest pretzels from street vendors...so good with yellow mustard! As a struggling young professional, I'd often just have that for lunch! I'm going to have to try these!

the treat girl said...

Oh Thank you, thank you!!...I have pretty much given up on hot pretzels....way too many dry, hard, crappy ones in a row...maybe I'll take the kiddos down someday....wonder how the place is near us???

Jennifer Juniper said...

We used to buy giant grocery bags full of these when I was working then heat them up and sell them to the rest of the people in our building! They are excellent!