Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reason Numer One Million and Twelve Why I Love My Job:

Even the most mundane tasks can be lightened by the neverending ability of my kids to make me laugh.
Let me set the scene: I was cleaning yesterday and came across this trash can in the "nice" bathroom (the one that only guests use). Can you see that it is jammed with candy wrappers? I can only imagine what was going through their heads as they were stuffing themselves with the remaining Valentine candy (no doubt that this happened right before dinner): "Mom will never know if we just stay in this tiny bathroom, eat as much as we can all at once, and dispose of the evidence in this handy trash can".

1 comment:

the treat girl said... kids stash them behind the headboard of their bed...which leads me to believe they are sneaking it at night after they have brushed their teeth!!!