Thursday, February 19, 2009

Questions I'd Like Answered About Ebay

Ahh, Ebay, my 3rd or 4th part time job. I just love getting rid of things that we just don't need. I don't have to clean around them or organize them, or wash them or just plain keep track of their whereabouts. I'm ready to list about half of the contents of my house at the moment.

Here's my question: Why is it that I can list McDonald's Toys till the cows come home and sell them for way more than they are worth...I guess people collect this stuff?? And, more importantly, why is it that I can list really good stuff, like unopened Nintendo games, and not get a single bid...not even a watcher?

And while I'm at my questions: When is it time to dump and run? In other words, once I've listed and gotten a NO SALE, then I re-list for free, and still: NO SALE. Do I try again, and again? Keep in mind, this is the good stuff, not the McDonald's toys, they were shipped weeks ago.


marzipanmom said...

I think I just threw out a bunch of happy meal toys.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I'm thinking collectability has to be key, just think of all the things you've sold that you thought were junk...steelers seat pad, penguins stuff, happy meal toys... to us it's mundane, but someone collects that stuff.

Nintendo games? Not so much because we can all get them at a collectable nintendo game in the wrapper??? Gold!

Nintendo game wrapped in a box full of happy meal toys??? They will be knocking down your door!!!

Let's plan our ebay listing party soon and we can have a photo shoot for all the pics, too

the treat girl said...

I'm right there with you!!!!!!!!!!!....and it depends on how badly I want it out of my house...sometimes I drop the price a couple bucks and try it one more time...especially the good crap....I'd rather get a little bit less, than nothing at all!!!...let's plan an ebay day!