Friday, November 28, 2008

Great and Grateful Family

The "What I am Thankful For" game went over well...everyone had a great time trying to guess who was thankful for what...In the process I saw a lot of nodding heads in agreement over what everyone else said: Mission accomplished--I got everyone thinking about what really matters.

Here are a few of my favorite responses:

-That I've made it to this age.
-That the Presidential election is over.
-I never hit a deer while driving.
-How smart my kids are.
-Extra pillows.
-Green Grass.
-A wife that doesn't complain too much.
-Even though my car is not new, it starts every time.
-My family has taught me that there are lots of ways to be rich.
-I am free and there's no one in the house.

Maybe you are thankful for some of the same things? It's a great reminder.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

That's great! I should've done that at my house!