Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ok, Somehow This Guy Gets a Pass

Call it a "get out of Jail Free" card or whatever. There is this house "in town" and I just had to take a picture. Usually the pre-Thanksgiving decoration grates on me, but this house is so decorated that I can't give them a hard time for wanting to get it done while the weather was warm. Plus, it is done out of pure Joy and celebration....there is no commercialism here. I wish you could hear it...there is a constant Christmas soundtrack as well. It's a good thing that 7-11 is their neighbor (it may even be a draw for 7-11!).

My only question is: Where do they keep all of this stuff 10 months out of the year??


marzipanmom said...

I'm sure he's got a couple of units at the U-Stor-IT down the street. Not only does he have it up before Thanksgiving, he's had it up for weeks now. He probably had to make room in the storage unit for all the Halloween stuff!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Is that the guy down the street from the Christmas houses? I've seen that place but didn't realize it started so early!

the treat girl said...

...you should see the Halloween display.....just as impressive!