Thursday, November 27, 2008

If You Are Coming To My House Today....

It occurred to me that my kids can churn out the "craft", so I directed them to create this useful napkin ring.
Here's the centerpiece for the kids table...a few cranberries, a nectarine (hollowed out) with a battery operated tea lite tucked inside. I always cover the kids table with butcher paper and provide crayon cups so that they can color and draw while the adults are cooking and talking.

This is the prize that I'm offering for....

The pie game that we are playing! Here's how it works: Everyone is given a slip of paper that says: "3 Surprizing Things That I am Thankful For"--Signed Annonymous. (I'm hoping to eliminate the "health and family" replies.) The slips will be tucked inside the "pie" that we made out of construction paper weavings and with a crust of aluminum foil. After dinner, I plan on reading them and giving everyone a list so that they can guess who wrote each one. The person who has the most correct guesses wins the prize--a set of cute dessert plates!

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