Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey Bidda Bidda

I love a good farm auction. Here's how it sounds: (on very loud crackly speakers) Hey bidda bidda...who'll give me 20? This is good stuff, Craftsman,2 lots, your choice, who'll give me 20? hummina, hummina,You can make a livin' outa this box boys... start me with ten..ahh,10, now 11, now 12, are you in? now 15, you gotta beat 15, hummina 16,16 last call 16, SOLD to bidder number 47. Do you wantem both for 16? No? Let's sell the other one then....who'll give me ten?
You can people watch at the Mall or at Disney...I'll take the auction anytime. So much flannel it'll make your eyes hurt. The big names in fashion here are Cat, Dickey and Carhardt. These are people who have all lived weathered lives that I'd like to hear about.

If you're going: Terms you need to know, or you'll look like the rookie, and irritate the crowd..and you don't want to irritate this crowd.

By the Hand: They're selling by the handful..whatever they're holding up, you are buying ONE handful.

Choice: For example, if you are bidding on 5 extension cords, the 1st bidder gets choice of which one you can buy one..of your choice...or all at the money that you are bidding up to. So if you get the extension cords for $5, and there are 5 of them, and you want them all, it's $25. If you only want 2, for $10, say so, and they'll sell the rest.

By Lot: It's the whole pile that you're bidding on. So, the 3 extension cords that are left are sold for one money.

Bidding...make sure you have a number. You can get one at the trailer/office. You don't necessarily have to show your number when you're bidding..that seems to be a personal preference. You just have to know it. Bidding isn't a big showy thing either. A hand wag, a head bob is good enough as long as you've made your first bid clear, you're in the running.

It's fun to go and see what things sell for. A box of nuts and bolts goes for $3. If you need one nut in that box, in a pinch, it would save the day. A live trap for $25, a truck, 5K miles, with a custom aluminum bed for $20,000 (a steal if you needed a good truck), chicken feeders for $5, a broadcast seeder for $7. The jumbled array and lackluster presentation never ceases to entertain me.

I often wonder if the seller is happy, why they're selling out. Usually there's a sad reason, like the owner died, or got sick and couldn't run the farm anymore.

The auction itself is always jovial, it's a big meeting place for farmers and those with like minds. I know some that go just for the social aspects, never intending on buying anything, but they get a number anyway...just in case....

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marzipanmom said...

I love that you've lived two very different lives! The auction sounds fun and entertaining!