Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Hear A Very Distant...Ho, Ho, Ho....

In preparation for the upcoming Holiday Season, I am introducing Joy Beadworks Starter Sets.
These cute tins are wrapped in a sweet holiday ribbon, they have a lift-off lid and contain a set of my best-selling sterling silver leverback earrings as a base, and a pair of Swarovski crystal dangles.

This set serves as an introduction to the Joy Beadworks line of Interchangeable Earrings. I now have 3 different earring "bases"(more info. later) and a whole collection of dangles for you to choose from. Check my Etsy shop for ideas!

1 comment:

the treat girl said...

Too stinkin' cute!!!! where do you come up with these marvelous marketing tidbits???!!!.......I too just got the nudge of christmas now that my birthday streak is over!