Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's a conspiracy, I swear.....

I raced in to pre-school Monday....We even remembered the little tyke's backpack! There's a big message board out front that reads: RED day is T*******. (the kids are supposed to wear red, they're learning about colors). At my usual frantic pace, I read "today" as the "T" word.....maybe it just didn't look right, because I re-read, and it actually said "Tomorrow".... a reprieve! So, tomorrow is red day...cement this tiny tidbit into memory.

So, along comes Tuesday...I'm humming along, taking care of the 6 of us in the usual ways, dishes, laundry, getting 3 off to school, lunches, is it library day?, where's my math worksheet? and on and on..... I get my little one one ready for school. I get a text from a friend reminding me that it is red day at pre-school. (I'm EVER SO GRATEFUL for the reminder.) I look over at my little one in his freshly-put-on orange shirt. Red Spider-Man shirt to the rescue!

Here's where the conspiracy comes in: Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe this little "color lesson" is really a PARENTAL QUIZ given by the pre-school teachers to determine PARENTAL COMPETENCY? Maybe if little Johnny's Mom remembers to dress him in red, little Johnny's Mom gets to come in and be a helper for the Halloween party and get to share in the kid's delight of such a fun event ?(Children's delight is the true currency of Motherhood.) If Susie's Mom totally forgot, maybe she just gets to SEND IN the snack? Time will tell....I made a little mental note of those who forgot. We'll see if they are at the Halloween party!

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marzipanmom said...

Today is spirit day at school (wear red and black). Reading your blog just reminded me and I'm about to get the kids up for school. Thank you! (i'll send you a text just in case...)Crazy!!!