Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Living with Over Excited Princesses and a Bear

I have 3 birthdays this week in my family.

Unlike some of my friends, who LOVE to plan parties and put lots of thought and preparation into them, I usually feel overwhelmed. The girls are SO excited about their birthdays...I believe that they think that you are magical somehow for the day. Rose pedals should be thrown at their feet, and the world should sing their praises. When it's just a normal day except for some cake and candles, you are undoubtedly disappointed. The disappointment is my fear. Even though I put lots of effort into making the day fun and somewhat of a surprise, I always feel like I fall short of their expectations.

My husband's birthday is this week too. It takes me a week to figure out why he's so D*** grumpy most years. He absolutely HATES his birthday. So, this next week is filled with emotional high and lows, me in the middle trying to temper it all.

Here's to hoping that I somehow manage enough enthusiasm for the girls, and sprinkle some fairy dust along their path for the day, and bolster the unhappy birthday boy into at least enjoying the cake for the kid's sake!


the treat girl said...

You can do it!!!!!!.....I just got done!!! very clearly put into words my exact feelings...I'm terrified of them being dissapointed!!!....If I see cake before my other kids birthday in January I will scream!!...two separate kid birthday parties...two "real day" birthdays, a family party and treat bags for preschool!!!.....Mike is getting nothing on his day tomorrow...oh wait! He will be out of town!...yeah!...every year I say never again!...I can't keep it up....and some how we do!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I never worry about them being disappointed...hmmmm...I never thought of that. Birthdays were always a non-event in my family, so I feel like if I try to make it special they will appreciate it. Your kids will feel the same. That's not to say that I don't sometimes mutter "ingrates" under my breath!!!