Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Lost Art

My daughter has been missing some of her old friends lately. So, she talked me into a sleep over with a few of her 10 yr. old friends. Let's just say I'm awful without sleep...What was I thinking?

Well, the big squeal-fest is happening this weekend. We've started to put together a few things for her guests. I thought I'd be nice to give them each an address book and a custom made set of notecards, so that they can keep in touch.

I remember having a pen pal when I was a kid. I was always so excited to get a letter in the mail, addressed to me. It made me feel so important. Do you think my kids will feel the same way? OK, maybe I need to settle for a small portion of the excitement that I once felt.


the treat girl said...

I got my pen pal in the 9th grade....she lives in Hawaii......we corresponded for years.....I even went to visit her.....when I travelled there on my honeymoon I got a toe ring.....a few years later I lost it!...the day a letter came in the mail from her in Hawaii I found it on the floor of my closet!!!!....we've lost touch over the years...but I often think of her and wonder how she's doing and if she remembers me......maybe I should pick up the pen???

Jennifer Juniper said...

I had a pen pal from France, and I can't remember his name right now! I always looked forward to the red and blue striped envelope he used to send the letter in.