Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Game To Play Your Life By

I am facinated by "Life Coaches"...People who have all of the answers to all of the big questions. I mean, we're here in the trenches, keeping track of all of the minutia, (do we have peanut butter?, did I wash the only socks my son will wear for hockey practice?, And, if so, where are they?, I can't believe I didn't send that sympathy card yet...I mean the poor guy died weeks ago... I obviously could go ON and ON). Life Coaches are so focused on what matters..the big stuff.

Here's something one of the Coaches I read suggested: Live your life as if it is a game of Hot and Cold. Hot is happy, Cold...well, not so much. Gravitate towards the warms, move toward them, emotionally and physically. Walk away from the cold and colders. If you do enough walking, your life will be filled with mostly "warms" and maybe even some "hots".

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