Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There is a Grand Catherdral in our Midst

If you have never been to the Grand, Gothic Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh, now is the time. This is the second tallest center for learning in the world.
The grand hall makes you feel like you have been transported back hundreds of years to the pinnacle of Gothic architecture. The carvings, height and attention to detail is stunning.

The University offered "rooms" to different Nationalities during the construction of the Cathedral in order to help with the funding of the build. As a result, there are examples of classrooms from all over the world represented here. The University offers tours of these Nationality Rooms year-round, but it's best to go at Christmas, because they are all traditionally decorated.
The rooms are filled with stained glass, period furnishings, original paintings and tapestries. There are even examples of whole rooms that have been transported from whatever country they represent. The Greek room features marble columns, this marble was mined from the same quarry that was used to build the Parthenon. There are surprises everywhere, the kid's favorite was the Ukrainian room which allows access to a very small 3rd floor balcony.
And while you are crawling around the place, don't miss going as high as the elevator will take you. There are great windows up there and you can see for MILES!
Here's where you can get more information: www.pitt.edu/natrooms

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