Friday, December 12, 2008

A Serious Addiction

Like all addicts, I was in complete denial that I had a problem. I mean, it's just a little thing, just a few, not expensive if you get them one at a time. I had a good source and it was close by, easily accessable.

And then I saw it all laid out one day and I realized that I had a problem: massive and ridiculous amounts of cookie cutters! I mean stars in 3 sizes, hearts in various sizes and with different trims, trains, leaves, acorns, angels, you name it, I have it. The bin runneth over.

I guess it's not the worst of addictions...the rewards are sweet.

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marzipanmom said...

They're irresistible! I also have a TON of cookie cutters and I was drawn to browsing a rack of them just today! Just one thought of my overflowing pantry and was able to resist them...this time!