Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Much of What Happens In My Life is a Mystery To Me

I'm not talking about the captivating and enthralling type of mystery either.  My mysteries are more like this:

Why is there peanut butter on the ceiling fan?
How did the footprints get on the windshield? And why are they upside down?
Where is my homework/book/project/money...____________? (fill in the blank)

And, today's mystery:  Why is the oven smoking? My whole kitchen was filled with noxious fumes.  I had made an attempt at a decent dinner, baked chicken, and somehow it all went haywire.  I pulled out the chicken, and on the bottom of the oven was a smoking pile of....I'm not sure. 

I had to throw the chicken away.  We went vegetarian tonight.  And then I scraped this oozing pile of goo out of the oven.  Baffled is the only thing that I could think.  I mean...what is that? 

Over our smallish dinner, with the doors open wide, despite the freezing temperatures, we were talking about what happened to the rest of dinner.  My family just kept looking at me and asking WHAT was in I had some idea.  This mystery may be closer to being solved though.  Towards the end of dinner, the littlest guy fessed up that he had put a Lego Ship in there a while ago.  (But, he was sure he took it out).


Wic said...

oh this sounds like a lot of smoke. My boys are 3 1/2 and are not allowed alone in the kitchen.
so last time I found my shampoo bottle in the dryer....let`s just say it will never be the same.

marzipanmom said...

Mystery solved! Baked Legos for dinner anyone??

Jennifer Juniper said...

A lego shrimp! Of course! If anyone can make a baked lego it would be marzipan :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ew--baked plastic is the worst smell, isn't it?
Mysteries in ovens are never good.

the treat girl said...

Oh girl! You totally crack me up!!!...and yes! I think Marzipan can make something out of a lego too!! :)

foxfunds said...

OMG - that is hysterical!! Sounds like some of the hyjinx from my son when he was 3-4. (He put cars in his pockets so they could go through the "car wash".)