Monday, July 20, 2009

Ahh.. the Beauty of Craig's List and a Four Letter Word..

All of this stuff was clogging my garage. I've actually had passers-by gasp at the huge amount of crap that we keep in there. And, honestly, it's an embarrassing eye sore, I have to admit. But, if I can just close the door (quickly) then, I can usually forget about it. Yesterday was the last straw! My son needed a bigger bike (his knees were around his neck when he pedaled!), and therefore the bike hand-down began. #1 gets a new bike, #2 gets a hand-me-down, #3 gets a hand-me-down, #4 gets a hand-me-down. Lots of left overs in the garage, and the need for more room led me to haul it all out and hose it down. Then I started taking pictures.
We had certainly gotten much use out of all of this stuff, and during these tough economic times, it felt nice to give someone a break. I listed most of it for FREE on Craig's List. I have to tell you that it was gone in SECONDS! All of it is now in heaps down by my mailbox with names on it. To all Craig's Listers: you are on your Honor! I don't want any kind of squabble in my driveway over free stuff. I hope it finds a happy home.

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Denise @ Life on Stepping Stone Lane said...

Man! I need to clean out my garage soooo bad!! It's so bad that I am embarrassed to even open my garage door! I just drive my car in and out and shut the door really fast and hope that no one sees in!! You know it's bad when you have a 3 car garage and you can only squeeze in one car!!