Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Wonder Why Wednesday: Why Do We Collect Things?

Just about everyone has something that they collect. The kids collect baseball/football/Pokemon cards. They also collect stickers, signatures of Disney characters, and lip glosses.

Adults collect anything from shoes to strands of hair. If you can think of it, then I swear it's collectible.

I was just wondering why we collect? Are we all hoarders in some way? What is the reason that we collect? Do we just enjoy more and more things? Maybe it creates a goal, something that each individual can work towards at their own pace. Maybe a sense of accomplishment? Do we just admire the diversity and because we are human, can see the art and beauty in the differences? I'm not sure. Here are some things that I have recently collected:Fossilized shark's teeth. These are found in shell paths and driveways. We found these on our recent trip. After a rain, it is particularly easy to pick them out. We have done some research and have found some teeth from extinct sharks.

Sea shells from Captiva Island, Florida. Everyday for sometimes large portions of the day, we looked for shells. And, I would venture to say that without a shadow of a doubt, everyone that has ever set foot on that island has bent down to pick up a beautiful shell.
And, of course, BEADS. These are all handmade glass beads that fit our Joy Beadworks interchangeable sterling silver ring. You can really never have enough. I have a new favorite everyday. They are available in my shop.

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marzipanmom said...

I can see why people would collect beautiful shells or different beads. The people I don't understand are those that collect so many things that they can barely walk through their own house!