Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Hunt..I'm so Distracted...

My community has sponsored a Treasure Hunt. It's in preparation for Community Days, which is a big picnic/party in the park. They have really outdone themselves this year, and the event has stretched to 3 days. So, the Hunt...a terrific idea. Twice a week, there are clues listed in the newspaper. Most of the clues lead to historical markers, plaques dedicated to people who have served our nation, or to information contained within the annual report. The answer to the question is to be recorded, and the underlined letters (of the answer) are to be put into the key to solve the ultimate question of "Where is the Golden Key Hidden?"
Here's the map. They have to tease me with a map. I, of course, had to drive around (while doing errands, of course) and take pictures of the various historical markers etc. I have cataloged them in a notebook, along with the matching clues.
I'm a few letters from solving the thing. This is where I have looked: under park benches, at the new baseball field. In the new park, looking for "the sign". The dog park, the Rotary shelter...I'm losing it over here. It makes me crazy that I can't find this thing. I'm full of hunches, just nothing to report yet! Here's my only plea to the people who have organized this thing: Please make it so that people like me, who may not be the first ones to solve the riddle, will know that they have at least solved it. If you are hiding the key in a hollowed out book, could it at least be obvious that it WAS there? (I'm just a little late). Oh, and thanks for the fun. My family and I have really enjoyed looking for The Golden Key.

Oh, and this is what it looks like in my car!

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