Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Birthday with The Sistas: It's Fiesta Time!

These girls know how to make a girl feel special. The Treat Girl says it all in her Smilebox. (Yet another gift to me).

We went UNDER the Roller Coaster to Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA. (Mental Note: Add Waldamere Park to my list of To Do's). I had been to this park many years ago, while this part of the country was my territory when I was working for a paycheck. I didn't remember it being so beautiful. Lots of things to do. I'd love to take the kids up to go biking soon.

The Birthday rules were the same as ever: Girlfriends gifts are $10 and under and handmade. I'm always astonished at what these girls can do with some everyday supplies and tons of creative energy!

Marzipan baked the most delicious petite perfection chocolate/chocolate cake for me (she knows it's my favorite.) Unless we are counting her carrot cake....hmmm....

Juniper over at Hope Studios blessed me with a handmade frame that I will treasure.

The Treat Girl filled a wonderful "What is it Wednesday" jar with treats just for me!

Girl in the Sticks really knocked me out with a little clutch that she made from some fabric scraps that just happen to match the skirt that I made recently!
Thank You all for a beautiful Day!


Denise said...

How much fun!! You are so blessed to have such wonderful friends! That's it...I'm moving up there and hanging out with ya'll!!!!! Late Happy Birthday!!

the treat girl said...

Girlie!!!! It was great!!!! And it soooo easy to do nice things for such wonderful friends as you!!!

Nancy said...

What is so funny is that I started my day reading about YOUR day on Hope Studios! I found you when reading about the tee shirts on Enchantresses and saw your comment!I was also excited to learn about Letter Boxes and will now explore that! You are lucky to have such nice friends!