Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Wonder Why Wednesday: Why Would Anyone Want to Do This Job?

So if I listed a Help Wanted Ad that Read:

Wanted: Someone who is willing to work 12 hours a day (or more) at much less than minimum wage. Requirements include, but are not limited to, experience in the following: welding, heavy lifting, mechanic for all kinds of machinery (some of which is older than you are), basic veterinarian skills (for many types of animals), gardening, horticulture and pest control.

The job is 7 days a week, with very little (if any) vacation time. If you plan on any type of time off, please also plan to cover your work hours.


Such is the work load of the Small Family Farmer. I'm not really sure why anyone would want to work this hard for so little.

Payment must be in the intangibles. Wide open spaces to call your own. Lots of alone time to think. Acts of grace and kindness. The company of good dogs. Selling a dozen eggs to someone who just raves about how good they are. The reward is certainly not in the paycheck.


the treat girl said...

That's for sure!!!!! I've often mentioned this to the girls up at Deener's.....they always say they just love it!!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I would love to ask this someday and see what your dad has to say. I would bet the answer would be simple yet profound.