Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boiled Wool Flowers Tutorial

So, If you all boiled a wool sweater yesterday, then you are ready for today. Here are the things that you'll need: A nice pair of scissors, pinking shears if you have them, some pins, paper, various buttons, and colored threads.

My sweater shrunk up very nicely. I drew several flower shapes onto paper. Then, I pinned the paper to the wool, and cut them out. Sometimes I just eyeballed a circle and cut a few of various sizes. Sometimes I used the pinking scissors, sometimes not. I was working with a friend who had some great ideas, and a great eye for color. So, we came up with some pretty sweet flowers:

I liked the layered look and the monotone wool. The added color of the thread and the buttons was just what this little adornment needed. If you cut 3 shapes and sew a button to the center, be sure to pull your thread tightly so that pedals will flare a little, and the center will be indented slightly.

On some, we sewed a pin to the back, so that they could be easily attached to a hat, or a sweater.

Stop back tomorrow to see what I did with mine! It's fabulous!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I have a flower tutorial brewing in my head and the after photos are all planned out...but I've yet to do anything with it. Thanks for the jumpstart.

Becky DeVries said...

Are these easily washed if added to something permanently?

Charlotte said...

these are so pretty! i am really loving felt right now..trying to get started on a few felt projects of my own..thanks for the great tips on the flowers.
so glad i found you by way of Hope Studios.