Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm Adding 3 Things To Your List Today

I've got this awesome project to reveal tomorrow. But, If you'd like to do it with me, there is a small bit of prep work.

I have 3 easy things to add to your list today:

1.) Find a wool sweater that you don't care about. Your closet, your husband's closet, Goodwill. We're not picky. It can be pilling, or worn. Doesn't matter. It can be lambswool, regular wool, etc. The color/pattern should please you.

2.) Toss your sweater into a pot with lots of water. Boil it. For awhile. 10 mins. maybe. If you boil it longer, nothing bad will happen.

3.) Dump it out of your pot, and dry it. You should end up with a very shrunken version of the original.

4.) (I know I said 3!) Meet me back here tomorrow!

1 comment:

the treat girl said...

hhhmmmmm.......I have visions of where this is going.......my 6lb. dog Gracie is getting a new sweater???? :)