Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh, Yes, A Sweet House, Indeed

We were able to schedule in a Sweet get together with the "Sisters" last week. We met at The Sweet House Bakery. As you enter, to the right, is the bakery. The counters just ooze with deliciousness. Cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon buns, goodness in all things baked. They have recently won the Best Bakery award from Pittsburgh Magazine!

Ah, but to the left, is this incredibly inviting living room. Leather couches and a high meeting table. A perfect place to share stories, laugh, and catch up. Check out this little guy making himself at home while we sneak in a little "Mom Time". And. Yes, those are cakes on the wall.

I loved this side table. When I took a second look, I realized that the legs are full of sprinkles and jimmies and all things fun.

And here's a self portrait in front of the hearth. Do you see how we are all revived and energized after a fun morning full of laughs and stories?

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Jennifer Juniper said...

It really was a fun morning. Let's try to get some more time next time!