Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did You Know That You Can Make Your Own Shoes?

No, of course I don't mean from scratch...although some of you can probably do that too.

Check out these Joy Beadworks shoes that I made online. You can upload your own pictures, graphics, and text. They even have tons of fonts to choose from.

I especially liked the Women's Slip-On's. Now, I know the shoes I designed are a bit self-promoting (don'tcha think?) and I didn't actually order them. But, it was fun to play.
How about for the kids? They have 2 styles of keds, slip-ons and lace-ups. I can just imagine my little guy with his favorite Lego guys all over his shoes (pictures courtesy of Mom). How about some cupcakes for my little girl? Don't forget you can add text, too. How about song lyrics for your teenager? The possibilities are endless. Check out the site HERE. Have a great time. If you "make" something fun, be sure to send me a link!

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the treat girl said...

You craaaaack me up!!!!!! How did you find out about this????! I'm sure the treat girl would have fun playing here too!!!